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The Advantages of your Tax Preparer being an Accountant.

This is actually me. Being a CPA (Phils.) and an experienced Accountant with tax knowledge, this is actually an advantage I have over tax preparers who do not have much accounting experience. To be a very good tax preparer, one has to be a very good accountant.

The Big 3 tax retail companies, H & R Block, Jackson-Hewitt, and Liberty Tax do not hire accountants to be their tax preparers. It will be costly for them. They hire tax preparers who enroll in their basic income tax courses. They are like factories in tax preparation. They are more concerned in the quantity of clients they can serve so the quality of tax preparation is compromised.

An Accountant or CPA at its best will have the necessary knowledge to deal with the intricacies of tax preparation. Business income taxes particularly that of partnerships and corporations will require a very good grasp of accounting knowledge to be completed correctly. The Big 3 companies will most likely forward the preparation of business returns to their head office. That is because they do not have the knowledge to do so on site.

Tax software especially the very good ones help the tax preparer in a big way. Majority of times, the software does the computation and calculation. But no tax software is perfect. It does not catch everything. In this instance, it is the tax preparer’s job to determine situations like this. The tax software provides an option to override amounts automatically calculated by the software. Only the expert experience of the Accountant tax preparer can do this. This is my advantage.

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