Bible Verse Challenge Personal

John 3:16

This is probably the most popular and the most memorized Bible verse ever.  It is for me.  It is the first Bible verse that I memorized when I started memorizing some of them.  It is the heart of what Christianity is all about.  That God loves us. God gave us his son to redeem us from our sins.  That whoever believes in Jesus Christ, the Son, will not perish or go to hell, the eternal suffering.  That this belief in Jesus Christ will bring us to heaven, the eternal life.

It talks about Faith, from which Christianity stands.  Faith is defined as believing in the unseen.  It is the pillar of Christianity. Without Faith, there is no Christianity.  It is our faith in one God and Jesus Christ. We haven’t seen God.  We haven’t seen Jesus Christ.  But to call ourselves Christians, we must believe in Jesus Christ. And to believe in Jesus Christ, we must trust Him.

In God We Trust” is the motto in the American national anthem. Trust, I think is a requirement of Faith.  Just like in your everyday life, you need to have faith with a person.  If you hired a carpenter, that means you had faith in him, you trusted him.  You trusted that he will do an excellent job. To have faith in Jesus, you must have trust in Jesus. You trust God will do you good. You trust that his teachings and commands will do you good. God teachings and commands are in the Bible.  LET’S READ THE BIBLE!  Let’s bring to our life the teachings and commands of Jesus Christ, our God! 

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