GGS Accounting & Payroll Solutions

Started the business at Chula Vista, CA in April 2007. It has since been transferred to National City. CA when I moved residence to the city in 2009.

I do bookkeeping work for various business clients and at the same time do their taxes as well. These are doing the nitty-gritty bookkeeping of Schedule C businesses, LLCs, Partnerships, S Corporations and C Corporations.

For 2019, GGS Accounting & Payroll Solutions, is shifting its focus on just doing accountancy consulting work and staying away from the nitty-gritty work of recording transactions and maintaining the general ledger books of the business. Preference shall be on prospective clients who are using or willing to use Quickbooks Online in keeping their books. This is our shift to cloud computing. The aim is to be the Accountant doing mostly advisory services and accountancy consulting work.

Included in these services are the regular review of the company’s books and recommendation of adjustments necessary to keep the books accurate and in compliance to generally accepted accounting principles. Compliance to tax laws shall also be ensured. Review of financial statements with regards to the company’s stability, profitability, cost analysis, and sales will be conducted and the necessary steps to streamline the company’s operations will be recommended.